Profhilo® Structura

Profhilo® Structura to increase facial skin firmness and elelasticity with a lifting effect

The Profhilo® line has been extended with a new and unique product: Profhilo® Structura. 

Over the years the volume of the face is changing. This is because the skull shrinks and the amount of fat tissue reduces, leaving more space under the skin. The indication of Profhilo® Structura is to restore the deeper skin layer, also known as the subcutaneous fat tissue, which will ‘lift’ the skin. This is called ‘lipolifting’. 

The purpose of the treatment is to lift the skin, not to add volume, like other fillers do. Profhilo® and Profhilo® Structura can be used simultaneously because the purpose of each is different and each product stimulates another tissue layer. 

The optimal result can be reached after two treatments with an interval of one month. In case another treatment is still needed, it can be done after four months. 

Treatment areas

A treatment with Profhilo® Structura is particularly suitable for the facial area. The focus of this lipolifting treatment is on lifting the sides of the face.

Side effects

As with any injectable treatment, there are minor side effects, You could experience a small bruising or swelling. The procedure is very quick and the cannula used to administer the treatment is very thin so most patients do not feel any discomfort.