All About Eyes

With 22 muscles working up to 10.000 times a day, protected by the most fragile skin of the body, your eyes are your most seductive asset but also the first place to show signs of stress and aging.

eyes WIDE open 

What can you do when skincare and makeup are no longer a fix for tired-looking eyes? With increasingly effective alternatives to surgery available to treat everything from genetic eye bags to aging eyelids, here we have a list with the best options we can recommend you:


the cause: For about 60 percent of people, under-eye hollows are caused not by a lack of padding under the skin, but a variety of issues including pigmentation, fine lines or the naturally purplish tinge of particularly thin skin.

the treatment: Chemical peelings like TCA reduces pigmentation and lightens and tightens the skin, and if the problem is exacerbated by fine lines, then we use it in conjunction with Botox. If it is a case of hollows under the eyes, injecting hyaluronic acid fillers will correct the contour and look a lot better.


the cause: This is often a genetic trait, or a result of weight gain or thyroid disease. We all have little pads of fat that protect the eyeball; however, in some cases the tissue membrane that holds this is place weakens, and the pads push out and become visible under the skin. Another issue is caused by the particularly slow lymphatic drainage on this area that causes oedema.

the treatment: we know that surgery is a common tool to resolve this problem but unfortunately will not be able to remove the oedema, actually a new medical approach with products like RRS Eyes® with specific biorevitalisation solution reduces the oedema in just a few sessions and can be used for lower and upper eyelid.


the cause: Over time, the brow and forehead drop down, making eyes appear smaller and narrower.

the treatment: We use Botox to lift the outer brow and open up the eye. We can also inject the muscle under the eyes that attaches to the side of the nose, as this has a narrowing effect on the eyes, while the corrugator muscles (wich make brows furrow) also pull them down, which in turn closes up the eyes. Releasing these specific muscles can transform the entire eye area. Other techniques like Silhouette Soft® eyebrow threadlift or phenol peelings tightens the tissue over the upper lid, above the brow and the forehead, giving a good lift to the whole area.