Slow Age Concept

During the aging process there are different changes in the different structures of the face and body. The skin becomes thinner, drier and loses its elasticity. The volume of the face changes and falls downward by gravity. Facial Muscles experiment atrophy and there is a progressive bone resorption that make the jaw lose some inches and cheekbones appear flatter. In addition, the eye socket is wider and the forehead also becomes flatter… As a result you look suddenly older than you feel.

Based on this scientific knowledge Dr. Gabriel Siquier has developed the Slow Age Concept with the aim to restore the natural, youthful appearance from the outside but also from the inside. Thanks to the Slow Age Concept you will feel good and look good again!

What means Slow Age Concept?

Slow Age literally means “reducing the speed of aging”. Slow Age Concept of Dr. Gabriel Siquier offers you the opportunity to have significant control over the rate at which we age turning into profitable for optimizing your appearance and your general health.

How does Slow Age Concept works?

Prior to each treatment Dr. Gabriel Siquier will make an accurate anatomical analysis of the face. During this analysis, that it is determined with a 3-dimensional camera, the Vectra H1, we will check the quality of the skin, the sun damage, the changes of volume on the face and the cause of the complaint (for example, a tired appearance). This is essential for the achievement of a desired and especially natural result.

Besides that on this first consultation we will discuss your daily habits and we will provide you with an easy guideline to improve your general health status, taking care of your diet, your daily exercise and treatment of obesity (in case you have), it’s what we call the DAMETO Method. This is important to make the results last longer.

For your treatment plan we will discuss not only about the face, but also neck, hands and décolleté to achieve a natural and effective outcome in these strategic places.

Slow Age Concept

The Slow Age Concept of Dameto Clinics International is based on science and safety. Based on the earlier analysis of the face and a personal treatment plan. Dr. Gabriel Siquier will discuss this treatment in detail with you and give during this interview answer to all your questions so you know exactly what to expect.

The WOW effect you are looking for!

Our clients are keen to look good again, and feel good, vital and energetic! The long lasting results based on the Slow Age Concept restores the natural balance in the face eliminating only the disturbing, negative elements while preserving the identity of the face. Healthy form the inside, happy from the outside!