The DAMETO Method

For many years I have been practicing aesthetic medicine. A large group of patients has come to me during these years and I noticed that there is always one way to divide this group. To be more specific: there are patients who come to the practice with a wish and others who are coming with a problem. Both of them have have different expectations and both are looking for different results. However I understood that the process to help them is the same: listening and understanding what is going on inside leads to the best connection with the patient and the key to success for the treatment. I always believed in preventive medicine. Preventive medicine is walking hand in hand with anti-ageing medicine. Furthermore I have always tried to take enough time for my patients to understand them why they are seating in front of me.

All of us know about the negative effects in our bodies of pollution, chemicals, radiation and many others. But not all of us understand that the only way to stop them or to change them is working daily to correct our negative habits.

We already saw that recommending reducing consumption of alcohol, eliminating smoking habit or protection against sun damage was helpful. However all of this was still not sufficient.

That is why we created our own method, a weapon of health, the DAMETO Method, based on:

  • Diet
  •  Adequate
  • Moderate
  • Exercise
  • Treatment
  • Obesity

The diet has to be always adequate and personalised to the patient, not all the patients will need the same calories and not all the patients will need the same restrictions, for example in case of a patient with cellulite it’s important to reduce the salt ingested in order to control the oedema.

Exercise is also important but to be effective in our preventive process, this has to be done on a daily base, it has to be aerobic and with a minimum duration of 60 minutes per day. That could sound complex for a lot of persons to follow but if we explain them that with simple changes on their daily habits, for example to use the stairs instead of the elevators or to change the car for the bike at our daily neighborhouth shopping can give us the daily movement our bodies need.

Talking about the treatment of obesity, for localised fat or high BMI we need a specific plan that sometimes besides diet and exercise could include lipolisis or surgery and we have to have the tools to explain that alternatives to our patients.

To add these simple guidelines to our daily consultation we will help our patients to understand better and to identify the habits that need to change in their daily activities and will help us as doctors to maintain and achieve better results.

Patients healthy from the inside are happy from the outside!

If you wish more information about the DAMETO Method please feel free to contact us.